Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy

At Jacob’s Well, we love to tell the stories of what the Lord is doing in and through our friends and family. Here are four windows into what God is up to in our midst:

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Hope… Drew lived on the streets of Summer ave. when we met him through our homeless outreach, Compassion Party on the Road.  Being the intelligent, kind, winsome individual he was, it wasn’t difficult to love, pray, and hope for a brighter future for our friend.  By God’s grace, it was his friends from Jacob’s Well that Drew called when he hit bottom and was ready to get help this summer.  Drew was accepted into the the program at the Warrior Center where he has been growing in discipleship, recovery, and job-readiness ever since.  Today he is worshipping with us, being mentored by one of our leaders, and serving on CPR offering hope to others.

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Peace… Jackie is a hardworking mom who does the best she can with what she has been given.  But life hasn’t been easy caring for a daughter with epilepsy.  Yet thanks to God and the Kids Community of Jacob’s Well, Aliyah and her mother have peace in the midst of uncertainty and ongoing treatment.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.00.54 PMLove… Alan & Emily came to Jacob’s Well to help but soon connected with the community and ignited on fire to become a vital part of our core.  As they saw reconciliation and unconditional love at work they grew in their love for God and neighbor.  This overflowing love led to a journey of adoption that brought us the precious little man Titus.   We had the privilege of baptizing him into our fellowship this year and have experienced the joy of his contagious smile and chubby cheeks.  We love Titus (and his parents too)!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.02.39 PMJoy… Our Saturday night service is a Drug Court approved meeting which brings many through our doors who are in recovery and have no affiliation with church.  Genevieve was introduced to us in this way and shares how she couldn’t hold back the tears the first few times in worship as she felt the overwhelming love in the room.  She found Jesus and has been abounding with the joy of the Lord in all she does.  Recently she moved into the Uptown neighborhood where Jacob’s Well meets and shares her smile as she greets newcomers to the Well and helps get them connected to community and Jesus through our ministries.