Disobedient: Bridegroom of Blood

Moses is taken through the Refiners’ Fire on his journey to do God’s will. He moves from obedience to disobedience and back to obedience as he searches for another way, is reminded of his calling, and encounters and near-deadly test before arriving at his destination. Life is full of tests to refine us and call us to get on track with God’s good purposes. When we encounter these trials will we obey or disobey, trust in ourselves or trust in God? Moses has a mix of both and through it all finds himself stronger and ready to do what God called him to do.

 [mp3player width=700 height=420 config=disobedient.xml file=https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlcdf3vd3sf2e4n/2014.08.09%20Disobedient%20-%20Bridegroom%20of%20Blood.mp3?dl=0]

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