A Look Back on Bridging the Gap, March 2013

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” Winnie the Pooh to Piglet

I think most of us would say that we learn best by doing.  Think to yourself how many times you’ve heard someone say “speaking from experience” and then think about how that phrase makes you feel….. Isn’t that a great phrase?  It automatically gives you an appreciation for what the opinion of the speaker is because they’ve been there, done that.

Yet, if you think about it, our society doesn’t have the depth of experience it used to.  Nowadays, when someone says, “speaking from experience”, you have to question how much real world experience they’ve actually had. With the invention of the internet and the ease of communication, we’re able to get college degrees online without ever entering a classroom.  We’re ordering food without ever touching money or talking to a human.  We, as a society, have moved into a very ‘hands-clean’ sort of environment where building relationships is done through text messaging and gaining experience comes from looking through a computer screen.

Bridging the Gap was the experience I wanted before I even knew there was such a thing to want.  I don’t want a ‘hand’s clean’ sort of life where I’m so disconnected from the source that I can’t fully appreciate the fruit.  I want to get my hands dirty.  I want to be able to speak from experience.  I want to grow as much as I can in this life because I’m not going to get another one.

Years ago, when I realized I didn’t know a spark-plug from a fan belt I decided to take an Auto Mechanics class.  I guess I knew that if I wanted to have a vehicle that ran fairly well and didn’t break down all of the time, I’d have to figure out what it needed to stay maintained.

Bridging the Gap is that type of experience.  I can’t give away too much, or you won’t need to go on this weekend….and you NEED to go on this weekend.  But, think of it as an Auto Mechanics class and your car is your life.  Would you be getting better efficiency if you would let go of some things?  Are you at a point in your maintenance knowledge that you can start helping others maintain theirs, or are you the one who needs the repairs?  It asks, “Are you fighting to stay in the driver’s seat or are you willing to let God take His rightful position?”

So, this is me, sitting in a position of “speaking from experience”, and what I’ll leave you with is this: Let the world fall away, explore the forest, let the weekend take center stage, and let Bridging the Gap enter your life.  Experience is life’s best teacher……….don’t miss this opportunity.

Save the Date for our next Bridging the Gap on November 1-3, 2013

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