From Isolation to Embrace


A little over a year ago, Alex sat in his car alone in the parking lot of a Church’s Chicken on the corner of Hollywood & Chelsea where he accidentally overdosed on heroin.  Somehow, he came to and soon after checked into the Warrior Center for rehab.  He was very skeptical of the Christian-based program and wanted to leave.  However, he was estranged from his family and had nowhere else to go.  Several years back he had thrown a party at his aunt and uncle’s house while they were out of town.  He and his friends did thousands of dollars worth of damage and his sin caused a riff in his whole extended family.  This guy was carrying a lot and felt responsible for much.  He didn’t know whether forgiveness was possible, but he doubted it.

Then on one of the first visits to Jacob’s Well, he bumped into his Aunt who he had not seen in years and who was not speaking to his mother since the incident.  It happened to be her first time to Jacob’s Well and honestly the first time to be in church for a while.  They embraced, he received forgiveness, and has begun to experience reconciliation in his family.  This miracle was what Alex needed to accept Christ and he was baptized soon after at the Well.  Last night at his graduation, his family came together in a way like never before.  Alex proudly recited 50 “battle verses” from memory as a testimony of the work that God has done in and through him this past year.

Do you feel like your guilt is too much?  Do you think your family can never reconcile?  There is no divide too big for God to bridge.  There is no wound too deep for God to heal.  Jesus Christ bridged the gap for us.  Through his stripes we are healed.  Through him we are made whole and can experience reconciliation with God and family.


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