Alien vs. Orphan

In John 14 & 15 Jesus speaks about our relationship with the Spirit of God in contrast to the ways of the world. We often feel alienated and alone in this world and our tendency is to revert to an orphan mentality where we are on our own and have to fend for ourselves. Jesus offers a beautiful alternative to survive in this hostile world, through relationship with the Father in the power of the Spirit. How will you choose to respond to the woes of the world, Alien or Orphan?

Jul 2, 2011You are not AloneJohn 14:15-26Jamey Lee
Jul 9, 2011Alien PeaceJohn 14:27-31Jamey Lee
Jul 16, 2011Alien AbidingJohn 15:1-11Jamey Lee
Jul 23, 2011SuperfriendsJohn 15:12-17Jamey Lee
Jul 30, 2011Aliens SufferJohn 15:18-16:4Jamey Lee


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