April 20, 2019 – Journey Through John: The Love of Christ

This week, Pastor Steve concludes his Easter series titled “Journey Through John.” Join us as we look at the radical, passionate love of Christ and the impact that it has had and continues to have on so many Christ followers.

March 16, 2019 – Journey Through John: The Work of Being Healed

Welcome back as Pastor Steve continues his Easter series titled “Journey Through John.” In this week’s message, we look at the effort or work that one must often undertake in order to be healed. Be sure to follow along this…

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March 9, 2019 – Journey Through John: John the Baptist

This week, Pastor Steve begins his new Easter-themed series titled “Journey Through John.” The first message in this series focuses on John the Baptist, a pretty great guy sent by God to bear witness of His truly Great Son. Be…

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March 2, 2019 – Tough Choices: Initiate Contact

This week, Pastor Steve concludes his series on the Tough Choices facing a Jesus follower and why we most constantly strive to initiate contact with those who have not yet discovered the joy found in a relationship with Christ.

February 16, 2019 – Tough Choices: Honor

This week, Pastor Steve continues in his series on the Tough Choices facing any individual who desires to follow Jesus and what it means to honor others. Week’s Scripture: Matthew 25: 31-40 (NLT) 31 “But when the Son of Man comes in…

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February 9, 2019 – Tough Choices: Putting Yourself Out

This week, Pastor Steve continues in his series on Tough Choices facing a follower of Jesus and what it means to put yourself out for others. Week’s Scripture: Luke 9: 23-27 (NLT) 23 Then he said to the crowd, “If any of…

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February 2, 2019 – Tough Choices: Forgiveness

Pastor Steve walks us through one of the tough choices that a Jesus follower must make on a daily (and often moment-to-moment) basis: the willingness to forgive others.

Discipleship, Community

January 26, 2019 – What God Wants: Love Yourself

This week, Pastor Steve visits the third, and for many, the most difficult thing that God wants from us, loving ourselves. Come with us as we explore what it really means to love oneself.

Discipleship, Community

January 19, 2019 – What God Wants: Love Your Neighbor

This week, Pastor Steve tackles the second thing that God wants from each of us by revisiting one of the most well known Bible stories, the Good Samaritan, and what it means to love your neighbor.

Discipleship, Community

January 12, 2019 – What God Wants: Love God

Join us as Pastor Steve walks us through the first key thing that God wants from us: loving Him and what that should look like.

Discipleship, Community

January 5, 2019 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jacob’s Well

Join us as Jacob’s Well’s new pastor, Steve Stone, speaks with us honestly and openly about the changes and challenges that the church faces in a time of transition and the Hope that we can always rely on.

Discipleship, Community

December 29, 2018 – How Far We Have Come

Join Pastor Jamey in his final message to Jacob’s Well, as he takes a look back at how far we’ve come together and forward at the exciting days still ahead for our church.

Step by Step: Steps 10-11 Lee

Steps 10 & 11 show us how to do what’s under your control so that you can do what’s not under your control. It’s like playing sports or music. Gameday doesn’t happen without day after day of practice. Yet somehow…

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Step by Step: Steps 10-11 Kilzer

John Kilzer, leader and pastor of the Way, at St. John UMC in Midtown, shared on Step 10 and unceasing prayer at Jacob’s Well. Click Here to Listen to This Week’s Message. Click here to listen to an original song…

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Step by Step: Steps 8 & 9

Our message on Steps 8 & 9 come from Genesis 4 and the the story of Cain and Abel. Maybe Cain never felt like what he offered was good enough. He always compared himself to his little brother and felt…

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Step by Step: Steps 6 & 7

Step 6:  Were Entirely Ready to Have God Remove All These Defects of Character. Step 7:   Humbly Asked Him to Removed Our Shortcomings. When we get ready for God to remove our character defects and ask Him to free us from…

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Step by Step: Step 5

In Step 5, we get together with someone we are learning to trust and confess our sins.   Through sharing the exact nature of our wrongs, we are on the road to acceptance, serenity and freedom. Click Here to Listen…

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Step by Step: Step 4

The goal of Step 4 is to clean house in a way that our unclean spirits do not return.  If you want to get rid of rats or roaches, the first steps are to expel them from your house. But…

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Step by Step: Step 3

As humans, we find ways to deal with life and what it throws at us. If things aren’t going our way, we try to control things, or at least do things to make us feel like we’re in control. Jesus…

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Step by Step: Step 2

In this sermon Dr. Maxie Dunnam preaches on Step 2, the time when we must come to believe in a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. [mp3player width=200 height=150 config=stepbystep_widget_config-xml.xml file=http://www.jacobswellmemphis.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/JWELL_1-21_MaxieSmith.mp3] Listen Later:  Download mp3 (Right-click and select “Download…

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Step by Step: Step 1

Step 1:  We admitted that we were powerless, that our lives had become unmanageable. The first step to begin walking in the Spirit is to admit that we are not in control. . .that we are powerless and not the…

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Step by Step- Introduction: Desires & Deep Needs

In Step by Step we won’t dwell on the problem as much as the solution.  We’re not concerned about what we keep turning to as much as why you keeping turning to it.  We believe that all of these things…

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Christmas Reciprocation- Recipollution vs Reciprocation

Mary’s Song, the Magnifat, has been ranked among the greatest poems ever written, a reciprocation of God’s might & mercy. The mighty will fall and the weak shall be lifted up all through a God who shows mercy to the…

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Christmas Reciprocation- Blessed to Be a Blessing

When you hear good news, you have to share it.  Mary journeys to see her cousin Elizabeth and they share stories of how God is at work and are encouraged by one another.  We are blessed to be a blessing…

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Christmas Reciprocation- Impossible Empowerment

When we are driven by guilt, obligation, or trying to please others, we get burned out and are limited by our own negative feelings. When God motivates us to serve Him in response to His goodness and grace, the possibilities…

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Tattooed on the Heart: Even Though

This Week’s Passage: Habakkuk 3:17-19 Click Here to Listen to the Third Message in This Series.

Tattooed on the Heart: Transformed vs Conformed

This Week’s Passage: Romans 12:1-2 Click Here to Listen to the Second Message in This Series.

Moving Forward to Uptown

Our very last service at Highland Heights UMC was an opportunity for many of us to share stories of how God has been at work over the last 2 years at Jacob’s Well! Click Here to Listen to This Service.

Ruth: Finale

Rev. Sandra Leatherwood Clay brought the final message in our sermon series on Ruth. Click Here to Listen to This Message.

Ruth- Cost-Benefit Analysis

This Week’s Passage: Ruth 4:1-12 Naomi’s closest relative in town considers the proposition to take on the field and see’s it as a win-win, until Ruth is brought into the picture, then determines that he will lose more than he’ll gain….

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Ruth- Love Wins

This Week’s Passage: Ruth 3 Naomi devises a plan for the young, attractive Ruth to marry the older, distinguished Boaz. The risky and bold plan consists of creating a sexually-charged environment and relying on Bo’s integrity and love to win in…

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The Story of Dave & Roy

Just one of the amazing stories of God’s grace on display at Jacob’s Well…

Ruth- Bo Knows

This Week’s Passage: Ruth 2 Naomi in utter despair and Ruth who has nothing, yet gives away everything are a couple that appear to be ready for the grave, yet from God’s perspective are ripe for harvest. By “chance” Ruth meets…

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Saturdays in September & October 2012 Don’t forget, we’re meeting every Saturday night at 5:00 & 7:00 for worship. Childcare and Kids Community are available during the 5pm service. Ruth is the story of an unlikely girl doing some extraordinary…

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Ruth- Where You Go, I’ll Go

This Week’s Passage: Ruth 1:6-22 When the women get to the dead end of where they were headed, they must turn around and begin the return journey. But which home will they return, Moab or Judah? Ruth surprisingly clings to Naomi…

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Down is the New Up: Jesus kept going Up

Looking to heaven we see Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, exalted King of kings and Lord of lords. Trust that God is in control and that he is good and is coming to put his hand on your shoulder…

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Down is the New Up: Joseph’s Brothers Ascent

Joseph’s brothers’ Descent to repentance and Ascent to glory… Click Here to Listen to This Message.

Down is the New Up: Non-anxious Humility

‎1 Peter 5:6-7 – Humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up. Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. Click Here to Listen to the…

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Down is the New Up: Two Sons

The story of the Prodigal in Luke 15 which shows us two ways to try to get high in life. One is the way of the younger son, seeking happiness and fulfillment through immorality, breaking all the rules and doing whatever you…

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Down is the New Up: Jesus’ Lowerarchy

Maslow’s Hierarchy is about the gravity of the earth, what comes up must come down. Psychology 101 says that all people must climb up the pyramid to get to the top of life, “self-actualization.” In reality, pursuing satisfaction in worldly…

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Down is the New Up: 1st & 2nd Adam

‎”There are only two stories, the story of Adam and the story of Jesus. The story of Adam, symbolized by ^ is the story of self-will, one who climbs up only to fall down. The story of Christ is symbolized…

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Descent- Down is the New Up

Saturdays in July 2012 Don’t forget, during the summer we’re meeting every Saturday night at 7:00 for worship. Childcare and Kids Community are in full effect. Down is the New Up We try to climb up the ladder of success…

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Down is the New Up: The Gravity of Heaven

The gravity of earth says that what goes up, must come down. The gravity of heaven, proved in the resurrection, is the good news that what goes down, must come up. God has spent the history of the world coming…

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Urban Farming – Watering

We learn in Acts 2: 42-47  that church planting is hard and urban farmers need nourishment.  The early church offers a model of community-growth that we desperately need in this work:  teaching, fellowship, breaking bread, and prayer. Click Here to Listen

Urban Farming – Sowing

In order to sow seeds, we must be filled to spill with God’s Spirit.  The story of Pentecost told in Acts 2 is preparation for church planting. Click Here to Listen

Compassion Party on the Road: Reaching Out to Memphis’ Homeless

We had an extraordinary night out on the streets Wednesday night, 5/30/12, on CPR.  God was moving in an awesome way that was so evident.  At one of our stops there was a Hispanic man that shared with us that…

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Urban Farming – Plowing

We’re told in Acts 1:8 that church planting begins by plowing the ground with prayer and admitting our own brokenness and powerless as we prepare for God’s power to come. Click Here to Listen

Judgmental – The Power of Prayer

Rev. Jerome Scales Jr. preaches an uplifting message on the power of prayer from James 5:13-18 at Jacob’s Well. Click Here to Listen

Judgmental – Arrogance & Anxiety

James 4:11-17  Being judgmental is tied to arrogance and anxiety.  Who do we think we are as human beings?  We take on the role of God and think we know what’s best for our neighbors when we have trouble managing our…

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Judgmental – Root of Our Issues

James gets to the root of our issues by helping us to look at the desires that lead to many of our struggles.  While we too often spend our lives running from our problems, James gives the good news that…

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Judgmental – Wisdom

Wisdom is more street smarts than book smart, more revelation than information.  Wisdom takes an idea and applies it to life.  Worldly wisdom teaches us to rely on ambition and jealousy to get ahead and then to cover up with…

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Judgmental – Controlling the Tongue

Our words hold the power of life and death, so James teaches to tame your tongue.  Our tongue can bring large harm through destructive means such as gossip and anger.  Yet rather than bite our tongue, the gospel teaches us…

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