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Jacob: Working for Rachel

Jacob’s life was in shambles when he met Rachel, the woman of his dreams.  He had lost his family and his inheritance and was filled with so much guilt and shame for the things that he had done, that he packed up everything and moved across the Fertile Crescent where he hoped at least to survive. But when he met Rachel, bread, water, and shelter were not enough. Rachel was not justJacob’s wife, but his savior.  He wanted and needed Rachel so profoundly that he heard and saw only the things he wanted to hear and see.  Jacob wasn’t just a husband, but the answer to all of her problems.   We learn that through all of life there runs a universal theme of disappointment.  You and I will never experience life in the Spirit until you understand that–it’s the essence of the first step.  Jacob believed, “If I can just get Rachel, everything will be ok.”     And he goes to be with the one who he thinks is Rachel, and literally, the Hebrew says, “in the morning, behold, it was Leah” (v. 25).  No matter what counterfeit god we put our hopes in, in the morning, it is always Leah, never Rachel.  And when we put our hope in lesser things they will always let us down.

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