Black Clouds at Block Party

block partyOn Wed. afternoon dark clouds loomed overhead as we worked feverishly to set up for our first block party.  I’ve got to admit I was experiencing some anxiety, especially when Jim showed me the live doppler of the heavy rain coming.

Over the last month a group of Jacobs Wellers have been working hard on this new thing called CPB, Compassion Party on the Block. We printed fliers and went out through the neighborhood promoting an upcoming party in a nearby empty lot. Too often with something like this, the planning team will boast about their success before the event happens. But CPB was different. Someone asked if we invited the press and I said, “No, we really didn’t want a whole lot of people to know about it!” We didn’t know what to expect, so instead of boasting, we prayed, including a prayer walk on site last Saturday night.

So when the dark clouds came to rain on our party, we kept praying. A few of us got together and simply asked our Father to blow the rain clouds away and let us have the party to give Him glory. We also prayed for CPR and asked that He would allow someone to come to know him that night and get off the streets. And y’all, God showed off Wed night. While the water was filling the gutters a few blocks north, there wasn’t more than a few drops at the Compassion Party on the Block. And over 200 came together for a great time and heard the gospel as they partied. And sure enough, during CPR a gentleman named Wayne gave his life to Christ and entered into Safe Harbor that night. And he plans to get baptized here in about a month. The CPR and CPB volunteers can’t take credit for that y’all. No boasting except in the Lord.

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