Boys to Men

How do we reach a generation?  We must start with the young men.  They’re the ones causing all the trouble and they are the ones img-thingthat can lead a revolution to change the world.  Men can rise up to be disciple-makers, church planters, missionaries, city-changers or they can grow up to be alcoholics, junkies, porn addicts, and generally life-wasters.  But when young men meet Jesus, their life is transformed, and we can live into the calling we have been given.  Jacob’s Well has nothing against women.  Many of our leaders are women and we offer the love of Christ to all regardless of gender.  But many of our problems, for both men, women, and children, have to do with men.
3 rs thumbnailA lot of what Jacob’s Well has been about is cleaning up the mess that men have made in our world.  We help single mothers, but its time to teach the men how not to create single motherhood.  We do an amazing job with Kids Community and teaching the children the bible, but it’s time for the men to be a father to their children, to raise them up as disciples and be a spiritual leader in their home, which will give us the opportunity to spend time on the kids whose families don’t know Jesus and don’t have the honor of growing up with a Christian father.  So much of church is about accommodating the weakness and sin of men.  Some neighborhoods in Memphis have 82% absentee dads and the young men growing up in our city do not even know what a real man looks or acts like.

Boys to Men is a ministry started by Pastor Leslie Ratliff whoseboys to men goal is to engage young men (12-18) in under-resourced neighborhoods of Memphis and introduce them to strong Christian men who can be the mentor, disciple-maker, and father figure these young men so desperately need.  We engage youth by taking them bowling, to movies, sporting events, and skating as relationships are built and the gospel is shared.  We need some real men to serve as mentors to the youth who desire more out of life.  Our mission is to reach young men, fill them with a Kingdom vision, and connect them with the risen and exalted Jesus.  We believe that if we are faithful in doing this, God will do the rest in His world-changing plan.

To find out more, offer to help, or contribute financially to Boys to Men, please contact Leslie here or attend a Saturday night service at Jacob’s Well.

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