Burned Out – John the Baptist Overachiever

John the Baptist is a classic over-achiever.  He didn’t just go on a diet, he only ate locusts and honey.  He didn’t just downsize to a smaller home, but moved to the desert.  Jesus talked about John as a “burning and shining light,” but even the greatest of oil lamps burn out when the fuel is exhausted. The good news is that Jesus continued where John left off and took the ministry far beyond where John could have ever taken it and so it is with us.  When we get to our end we can finally tap into the power of eternity.

[mp3player width=700 height=420 config=burnedout.xml file=http://www.jacobswellmemphis.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/2015.06.13-Burned-Out-John-the-Baptist.mp3]
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