Called:?! Following a Future Filled with the Possible

Join us Saturday nights in February
Join us Saturday nights in February

One of the biggest questions that many of us have is, “What am I supposed to do with my life?” Whether you’re in your 1st half or 2nd, we can make a difference when we answer God’s call. Over the next few weeks at Jacob’s Well we’re going to take a few steps back and look in the Bible at how God calls people and try to listen together for the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Feb 8, 2014Genesis 12:1-9Called to JesusJ.D. Walt
Feb 15, 20141 Peter 2:9-11Caller I.D.Jamey Lee
Feb 22, 2014Judges 6:11-18God Qualifies the CalledJamey Lee
Mar 1, 2014Isaiah 6:1-8Here I am, Send meJamey Lee

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