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Easter Ecstasy

There was an Easter Saturday Night several years ago when I had a life-changing experience with ecstasy.  I had just begun to follow Jesus and was about 5 months clean.  I was out with some friends from recovery at a club and I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while; she was rolling pretty hard on ecstasy.  I have to be honest—I really wanted to get high.  All of the memories of partying and having fun came rushing back.  Thank God, He gave me the strength to leave the club.  I went home to my apartment, locked the door, got in bed and tried to pray and fall asleep.  As soon as I began to pray, all those memories flooded my mind about raves and happy times with my friends when we were doing ecstasy.  I wondered if I really could be happy without sin.  After I tried and failed to pray a full-length goodnight prayer, an idea hit me like a forty pound light bulb—my Lenten devotional might get my focus where it needed to be!  I opened it up and saw a figure dancing with joy on the page for the next reading.  The words of the devotional by C.S. Lewis were about how each of us has a choice each day—to do good, or do evil—to walk in the light, or walk in darkness.  He highlighted how the sinful path looks really enticing and seems to result in happiness, but how it is deceiving.  I’m going to paraphrase, but it ended something like this:  “In reality, the choice to walk in the light is the only one that brings true ECSTASY!”  Have you ever seen a devotional use the word ecstasy?   But this one did and I read it on the right night.  I said a short prayer of thanksgiving and was able to sleep like a baby.  I have honestly not had a strong desire to drink or drug since.

light_in_darknessJesus is our life, our abundant life, when we believe in him.  He gives us strength when we are weak, peace when we’re going crazy, he cleanses us when we’re dirty, and provides light at the end of the darkest tunnel.  Jesus is the alpha and omega, the beginning and end, the one who brought us into this world, will take us out, and can bring us to everlasting life.  He is the King of kings, Lord of lords, and Boss of bosses, and Father for the fatherless.  Jesus is my savior and he can be yours too.  Jesus gives me a life filled with joy and peace and he can give it to you too.  Do you know him?  Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and that you have nothing left?  Jesus says, “I am the Resurrection.”  Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions and your world has no meaning?  Jesus says, “I am the Life.”  Do you know the one called resurrection and life?  His name is Jesus Christ and he invites you to the joy of his Father’s house this Easter.

Bring Hope for the Holidays

              As the weather gets colder our hearts seem to grow warmer. Around Christmas time our minds are filled with giving to others, even those we do not know. We invite you to give this holiday through Jacob’s Well. Financial gifts are used to buy many things that go towards hope for holidays – empowering our homeless neighbors to get off the streets and helping hundreds of others experience Christ through reconciliation, rehabilitation, reciprocation. On a daily basis we spend our budget on things like meals, bibles, transportation, and kids/youth ministry to name only a few and we need your help.        


We ask you to prayerfully consider giving financially to Jacob’s Well this Christmas. You could give in honor of those on your Christmas list. Or you could ask friends and family to give in your name. Whatever way you give, we pray that it will be an extension of your prayer and service at Jacob’s Well.






Consider these needs of our community below. Choose one (or more) as gifts for your friends and family.  Click the PayPal link below to purchase the gift(s). In the notes section of PayPal, include name(s) and addresses of recipients. Then we will send a card acknowledging  your gift to you or your loved one.


Have questions?  Contact Jacob’s Well

Bridging the Gap

btg-logoBridging the Gap is an inner city weekend sleepover where each person is immersed into the realities of Memphis poverty, education, and homelessness through back-to-back hands-on experiences, interspersed with reflective debriefing, reflection on scripture, and teaching. We each have assumptions about those we consider to be poor, often without thinking through what it even means to live a life with limited resources, in unsafe neighborhoods, working minimum wage jobs. During this weekend, we hope that will change…

What: Join us for a weekend of experiential and scriptural learning about God’s heart for those who are poor and how as followers of Christ we are called to love and respond.

Who: Those who are ready to go deeper into the depths of love for their neighbors, rich or poor, black or white, homeless or sheltered.

Where: Though we will mostly be out and about in the city, our overnight accommodations and some other activities will be at the Smith Center (where Jacob’s Well meets), at 602 Looney Ave.

When: We will set a date that works for you and others interested in the Spring of 2018.  We’ll meet in the parking lot of Christ United Methodist Church at 5:15 p.m. on Friday and be completely finished at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Register:Click here to register online And visit our Donate Page to make your payment of $40.

Fundraising Dinner



Thursday, April 21, 2016
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Caritas Village
2509 Harvard Ave.
MemphisTN 38112

Please join us to share a meal and hear how your financial support of Jacob’s Well impacts the city of Memphis. We will hear moving testimonies of how God is at work in the lives of those involved at Jacob’s Well, a compelling vision of the future, as well how you can be a part of continuing the work the Lord has called us to in Memphis.

Single Plate       $30

Table of 5          $150

Table of 8          $225

To register, click the link below and indicate one of the amounts above to reserve your chair or table.

Have questions about Jacob’s Well Fundraising Dinner?  Contact Jacob’s Well

Spirituality and Sexuality







Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy

At Jacob’s Well, we love to tell the stories of what the Lord is doing in and through our friends and family. Here are four windows into what God is up to in our midst:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.55.02 PM

Hope… Drew lived on the streets of Summer ave. when we met him through our homeless outreach, Compassion Party on the Road.  Being the intelligent, kind, winsome individual he was, it wasn’t difficult to love, pray, and hope for a brighter future for our friend.  By God’s grace, it was his friends from Jacob’s Well that Drew called when he hit bottom and was ready to get help this summer.  Drew was accepted into the the program at the Warrior Center where he has been growing in discipleship, recovery, and job-readiness ever since.  Today he is worshipping with us, being mentored by one of our leaders, and serving on CPR offering hope to others.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.58.57 PM

Peace… Jackie is a hardworking mom who does the best she can with what she has been given.  But life hasn’t been easy caring for a daughter with epilepsy.  Yet thanks to God and the Kids Community of Jacob’s Well, Aliyah and her mother have peace in the midst of uncertainty and ongoing treatment.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.00.54 PMLove… Alan & Emily came to Jacob’s Well to help but soon connected with the community and ignited on fire to become a vital part of our core.  As they saw reconciliation and unconditional love at work they grew in their love for God and neighbor.  This overflowing love led to a journey of adoption that brought us the precious little man Titus.   We had the privilege of baptizing him into our fellowship this year and have experienced the joy of his contagious smile and chubby cheeks.  We love Titus (and his parents too)!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.02.39 PMJoy… Our Saturday night service is a Drug Court approved meeting which brings many through our doors who are in recovery and have no affiliation with church.  Genevieve was introduced to us in this way and shares how she couldn’t hold back the tears the first few times in worship as she felt the overwhelming love in the room.  She found Jesus and has been abounding with the joy of the Lord in all she does.  Recently she moved into the Uptown neighborhood where Jacob’s Well meets and shares her smile as she greets newcomers to the Well and helps get them connected to community and Jesus through our ministries.

Asset-mapping in Uptown

Uptown homesUptown Memphis is rich with resources and assets, from M.A.M. at Greenlaw Community Center, Girls Inc. and Bridges working with the youth of the neighborhood, Salvation Army Women’s Center and Missionaries of Charity meeting needs of homeless women,  the Uptown Community Outreach Program (COP) and Neighborhood Watch seeking to make it a safe place.  On Saturday March 28th from 8:30 – 1:00, we are hosting a day of asset-mapping and community development with the help of Communities of Shalom.  We will seek to bring together representatives from each of these organizations as well as neighbors, business owners, and leaders from local churches to work together to discern where God is working and what unmet needs might present possibilities for creative and collaborative ministry going forward. Smith CenterThe building where Jacob’s Well meets has been filled with vital ministry for over 20 years.  Before the neighborhood was even called “Uptown,” Holy Community Church was planted in Hurt Village, as it was known, to meet the needs of the people and establish a Kingdom presence.  Early on, Communities of Shalom began working with Holy Community to create the Uptown Shalom Zone.

Communities of Shalom  is a faith-inspired, spirit-led community change movement that brings together those that live, work and worship in a specific community to build relationships and social networks and to foster the well-being (spiritual, economic, health) of neighbors.
The Shalom Zone training weaves the following principles of Shalom through a 40-hour facilitation: 
Systemic and sustainable change
Health, healing, harmony and wholeness
Asset-based community development
Love of God, self, neighbor
Organized for action
Multi-faith, multicultural collaboration

Uptown Alliance, a job training and placement organization came out of these early efforts.    Holy Community Church is still very active in the neighborhood Sunday-Friday and in 2012 invited Jacob’s Well in, a sister church,  as a collaborative partner in shared ministry.  Together we are seeking to reignite this Uptown Shalom Zone as we seek to love our neighbors and show Christ to the neighborhood.  Join us on March 28th to learn more.

Service Opportunity Available!

TwonEach Wednesday afternoon a faithful team gets together to prepare meals at 602 Looney Ave. that will be distributed throughout the streets of Memphis.  Two teams go out in the Downtown area going under bridges, in parks, around the Memphis Mall and Fire Museum, etc.  Another team embarks on their mission out East going throughout Nutbush, along Summer Ave, and even in the woods near Methodist Hospital North off Austin Peay Highway.

We need your help to bring meals from where they are prepared downtown to our ministry team out East.  It about_seamless_deliveryrequires arriving at the Smith Center about 5:30 p.m. on a Wednesday and driving the meals to our team who begins around Summer and Highland.  You are more than welcome to go out on the streets with them, or just drop off the meals.

Please comment below if you’d like more info or would like to sign up to serve.  Try it out once then consider serving once a month or more.  Thank you and God bless!

God comes through

It had been one of those weeks where it was difficult to remember why we were doing this thing called “Jacob’s Well.”  Men that were being discipled and showed potential and promise on their road to recovery were relapsing back into addiction.  Leaders who had been so faithful in the past were stepping away to pursue other passions, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to round up the minimum number of people to carry on the weekly tasks of ministry.  One area that was particularly struggling was CPR, Compassion Party on the Road, which was beginning to feel more like OMG, Obligatory Ministry on the Go.  The guy who was scheduled to lead that Wednesday notified the pastor that he could not make it out on the streets, and our kitchen coordinator Sherri suffered a shoulder injury keeping her away so an email went out asking for help.  It was in this moment of surrender and reaching out that God came through in a glorious way.


TwonA couple from a partner church, Quito United Methodist showed up at about 5:30 expecting to do everything themselves, but were greeted with the smiles and helpfulness from Jacob’s Well youth from the neighborhood.  After cooking and cleaning the kitchen the teens loaded the meals (spagetti/salad/dessert) and bottled water to go out on the streets.  The following is the account from Mike and Connie on the rest of the evening:

“There were three lovely young ladies that met us in the parking lot and asked if they could go with us.  What a Blessing to have them along.  Last night the weather was just lovely, we took 40 meals, and 2 cases of water out with us.  We drove around downtown delivering meals until we ran out of food.  We saw many of the homeless that we have become friends with, and have not seen in awhile because of the weather.  We were able to spend time talking with our friends, praying with them and just catching up on how they have been.  The young ladies were just wonderful!  They stepped right up, they served the meals, they talked with our friends just like they had known them forever, and they prayed with each one.  Everything was done, not as quickly as we could do it, but we took our time, enjoyed listening, and praying with each and every one.  One of the girls was so touched by these new friends, she cried for them.  As we pulled back into the church to return the trays etc. we met Margaret, walking up in the parking lot.  It had been months since we had seen her.  It was good to spend some time with her.
The young ladies, gave Michael and I each a hug, and said “They Will Be Back”  and I believe they will.  God has some amazing things in store for each of us, long before we can even imagine how things are going to turn out.  Michael and I thought we would be on our own, which was fine, but God had much greater plans.  We have been praying for Sherri, and for Jacob’s Well.  I thank God for all my new friends in this ministry, and also on the street.”
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.  Isaiah 55:9  We thank God for coming through when all else fails.  Put your trust in Him!
Since this week back in February a faithful team with servant hearts have stepped up to lead each week.  If you’d like to join us in serving our neighbors on the streets, check out the details here and join us some Wednesday soon!

Understanding Your Homeless Neighbor

You catch him out of the corner of your eye. You know what is going to happen next. He is going to come up and ask for money or food or give you some excuse about his situation. All you want to do is get in your car and go on with your life. This guy has nothing in common with you. You are almost to the car and safely on your way but then you recall something that you read in your morning devotional from Psalm 139. Verse 14 is the response of David as he is praising God because “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” You begin to ask yourself, if I am fearfully and wonderfully made, then does that mean everyone else is too? How will you respond?

This is not an attempt to guilt trip you into doing something you do not want to do. It is an attempt to get you (and me) to question our motives and our perceptions of the homeless. On Tuesday November 5th from 6-8 pm we have the opportunity to hear from ministry partners as to how they are working with and helping our homeless neighbors. Come listen to a lively discussion from Marlon “Big Dog” Brown of SOS as he relates his story of homelessness. Jamey Lee will describe how Jacob’s Well is helping overcome obstacles in helping the homeless. Lemar Walker with Christ Community Church will paint a picture of how we can move from enabling to empowering the homeless. Tana Vanderhooft will describe how Ruth’s Heart was created to help the homeless find the resources they need to get off the streets. Emily Rachiele with the CUMC Benevolence Ministry will surprise you with a story of how close any one of us is to becoming homeless.

Ruth’s Heart

Jacob’s Well is proud to introduce Ruth’s Heart, an emerging non-profit begun by our volunteer staff members, Tana and Tom Vanderhooft.  It was begun to give compassionate attention to the real needs of our neighbors that we often meet on the streets on C.P.R. and in worship on Saturday nights.

heart_transparentRuth’s Heart is a non-profit organization that is assisting anyone in the Memphis area that is living on the streets, in rehabilitation from addiction or just in need to connect with resources that are available to them throughout the city.  We will help connect men, women and families with all the resources available to help them get back on their feet and improve their lives.  We also offer Discipleship opportunities, Appointment Assistance, and Transportation.  Some of our current volunteer needs are:

  • Connecting with a client and helping them find resources
  • Transportation (driving or delivering bus passes or donated items)
  • Phone calls to resources to keep our database current
  • Prayer Warriors

Ruth’s Heart is currently helping neighbors every day with needs such as finding emergency shelter, transitional shelter or housing, finding food pantries, getting identification or enrolling in social services and other areas of need.  We also assist in making appointments and providing transportation to these appointments to ensure our clients are able to get the help they need.  We will then keep in contact with our clients and work to build relationships with them so they can count on us for any future needs they may have, continue to help them move forward and improve their lives, and not just address their immediate need.

We have many different opportunities and are always in need of volunteers and donations to further our ministry, please visit our website or find us on facebook for more information about who we are, those we serve and how you can help make a difference in someone’s life!

Step by Step

Step by Step is a journey through the 12 steps via the lens of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At Jacob’s Well we believe that rehab isn’t just for addicts and invite all people to embrace this amazing framework for living life on life’s terms.

At 6:00 is a service with music, stories, and teaching themed around each step. Both before and after will be a discussion-based meeting where participants share experience, strength, and hope. The meeting at 4:30 is women only and the one at 7:30 is co-ed.

Nursery and Childcare is available from 4:30 – 7:30.

Recovery Study Bibles available free to participants after 3rd visit. Also, we are now a TN Drug Court Approved meeting.

Click here to attend on Facebook.


Reposted from “A Childlike Faith”

Christmas Kids CommunityThe lesson was from a book, The Sparkle Box.  When we care for others, we care for Jesus.  That was the point.  The activity was an outpouring of love with that idea in mind.  The kids’ task was to stuff and wrap 80 presents to be given to homeless individuals in the city.  The project was Ethan’s idea, so he wanted to be a part of explaining the project to the rest of the kids.  He told them who the presents were for, what we needed to do, and how they would be given out on Christmas Eve.  (More on the Christmas Party on the Road here).When he finished, I probe for understanding.  Any questions?  Do you know what you’re supposed to do?  The task was simple. What questions could there be? Terrion’s hand shoots up.  Uh oh!  I hope it is a question Ethan can field.  I don’t want to step on any toes by jumping in and taking over.

“Why can’t we find Santa?  Why doesn’t he do it?”

I look at Ethan, nervous about what he’ll say next.  Please don’t tell them Santa isn’t real – what an honest, straightforward, and possibly catastrophic answer that would be.  But it would be so Ethan.  Before I could interject, this it what I hear.
“Well,” Ethan says, “Santa comes down a chimney, right? He can’t come if there’s no chimney.  The people who will get these presents don’t have homes so they don’t have chimneys.  So Santa can’t do it.  That’s why we’re here.”Couldn’t have said it better myself.  The kids went on to fold boxes, fill them with presents, wrap them in paper, and top each with a bow.  And surprisingly, when it came time to give them up, not a single one protested.  They understood that these presents were for Jesus.  They really are growing and changing.  I see their hearts opening to God every day.Ethan’s response got me to thinking about how we are called to do what others can’t or will not do.  What a powerful message!  Jesus makes each of us clean as snow even though that seems impossible.  We are selfish, unholy, impure, deceitful, lazy, unkind, etc.  Santa definitely can’t fix that.  It’s impossible.  Only Jesus can.  If we strive to be more and more like him, we must set our minds to also tackle the impossible.  After all, isn’t it true that with God, all things are possible?

November Proved Many Reasons to be Thankful.

The past month was a very special one for Jacobs Well! As you know we moved to our new location at 602 Looney Avenue. It is wonderful to be closer to the homeless community that we serve and to also have significantly more worship space than in our previous Summer and Highland location. We are grateful for how God has provided this wonderful new facility for us and financial and volunteer resources provided by local churches, including a generous gift from Christ Church and the Asbury District.

“…Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” –Philippians 3:6

We are especially excited that our new expanded space will enable us to have one service at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evenings as opposed to two services. We will, however, continue to focus on the special needs of women through discipleship. A group of ladies will meet before the service at 4:30 for a study on prayer by Kay Arthur.

We are appreciative for the support of our volunteer staff and believe that our new single service will require less of their time to serve, while continuing to increase the impact of our downtown ministry.

If November is the month for thankfulness, then December will truly be the month of celebration. We hope that you will join us at our new location during the coming month to celebrate the birth of Christ and experience the joy of all that he is doing to work in the lives of so many through our church and community.

Thanksgiving Dinner on the Road

Each Wednesday Night, a dedicated crew departs from 602 Looney Ave. and goes out on the streets of Memphis delivering a warm meal, coats, blankets, and the love of Christ. This weekly event is called Compassion Party on the Road, or CPR.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 11/21, we’ll be amping up our efforts to bring a special Thanksgiving meal to our neighbors who are without family and isolated from large feeding events. You can help by donating parts of the meal like whole turkey breasts, pans of stuffing, greenbean casseroles, etc. or winter gloves and hats to give as gifts.

We’ll also need plenty of hands to put it all together. We’ll begin gathering on Thanksgiving Eve at 2:00pm in the new kitchen of Jacob’s Well at the Smith Neighborhood Center at 602 Looney Ave. 38107 (off Danny Thomas North of St. Jude). Others will be hitting the streets at about 6:00pm to deliver the meals.

To volunteer in any of these ways, please contact Sherri at and join our event on Facebook

Happy Thanksgiving!

Join us this Saturday for a moving service in our new home.

This Saturday will be a very special one for Jacob’s Well because it will be the first service, since moving to our new location at 602 Looney Avenue, off Danny Thomas, North of St. Jude.

This is the culmination of many months of prayer and planning by Jacob’s Well staff and volunteers. We felt God’s calling to be closer to the Memphians who need us most and this move will enable us to reach more of those who can benefit the greatest from our message of hope
and reconciliation.

Being in our new Uptown Memphis location provides us a wonderful  opportunity to minister to more of our homeless neighbors and reach out to several women centers as well as serve a very diverse community.

We will be having two services each week: one at 5:00 p.m. which is directed to women and families with children, and a second service at 7:00 p.m., which is focused on serving our male population, although both services are open to anyone who would like to participate.

We realize that our move from East Memphis is a greater distance for many of our volunteers to come and may result in some temporary loss of support. However, we know God led us to this location and that He will provide us with the help and support we need to do His work.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer in assisting with either of our two services on Saturday’s, or if you would like to make a donation to our ministry, please contact us at or call 290-2124.

From the Well to Detox

A couple of weeks ago I (Jamey) noticed a guy in his early 20s with a woman I presumed to be his mother who I had not seen before.  I didn’t get a chance to talk with them, but wondered what God might be up to.  That Tuesday night I received a call from the kid asking me if I knew of where he could get detoxed from opiates.  He shared with me that he was ready to get clean and thought I might know of some resources.  I pointed him to Delta Medical Center and prayed with him.  The next day I talked with his mom and got more of the story.  Apparently she had met my wife Michelle in a bookstore a couple of years ago when Jacob’s Well was just getting off the ground.  She had thought of coming and really wanted her son to attend, but didn’t make the effort until this past weekend.  She decided that she would invite her son, but whether or not he agreed she would attend.  He surprised her with a yes and they worshipped together that Saturday Night at Jacob’s Well.  A couple of days later he decided to get clean.

Today he is working on his recovery in a rehab in California and God is receiving glory, honor, and praise.


Saturdays in September & October 2012

Don’t forget, we’re meeting every Saturday night at 5:00 & 7:00 for worship. Childcare and Kids Community are available during the 5pm service.

Ruth is the story of an unlikely girl doing some extraordinary things for the sake of others. It’s the story of self-will run into the ground and God’s will prevailing through redemption. Join us over these 6 weeks at Jacob’s Well as we study the life of Ruth. In each service you’ll find engaging stories, weekly communion, urban sound, refreshments and coffee, and all welcome and accepted.

Come as you are and leave with hope for tomorrow.

Date Sermon
September 8 When Bad Things Happen
September 15 Where You Go, I’ll Go
September 22 Bo Knows
October 6 Love Wins
October 13 Cost-Benefit Analysis
October 20 Finale

Descent- Down is the New Up

Saturdays in July 2012

Don’t forget, during the summer we’re meeting every Saturday night at 7:00 for worship. Childcare and Kids Community are in full effect.

Down is the New Up

We try to climb up the ladder of success but fall on our face.  God comes down into our messiness to show us love and transforms us into the kind of people who get our hands dirty to love others.

“If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.  And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but are yourself lost?”  – Jesus

Date Sermon
July 7 Part 1- The Gravity of Heaven
July 14 Part 2- The Story of Adam & The Story of Jesus
July 21 Part 3- Maslow’s Hierarchy vs. Jesus’ Lowerarchy
July 28 Part 4- The Search for Happiness & Fulfillment in the Parable of the Prodigal Son

Compassion Party on the Road: Reaching Out to Memphis’ Homeless

We had an extraordinary night out on the streets Wednesday night, 5/30/12, on CPR.  God was moving in an awesome way that was so evident.  At one of our stops there was a Hispanic man that shared with us that his best friend, that we also know,  had been assaulted, and was in a coma in the hospital.  We talked and prayed with him.  After the prayer he said, “your prayer and touch as we held hands made me cry.”  He said, “I never do that.”  He said that he wants to change his way of life and stop drinking.  He did not know what he had felt, but he knew that it was powerful.  We told him he had felt the presence of God.  He threw his beer away and plans on coming to Jacob’s Well. One of our other stops on Summer Avenue we saw another one of our friends, Michael.  He needed something to eat and drink and we talked for a while. He shared with us about another one of our friends, Johnny an elderly man with a cane, was killed crossing Summer Avenue a little over a week ago.  This was so hard to hear as I listened and could see the hurt and tears in their eyes.  As we continued to talk with Michael he decided that he wanted to get off the street and go into Safe Harbor, a Christian based mission that helps folks to get connected back into society and to work.  Wednesday night Michael was off the street and excited about getting another chance.

These were just two of the particular things that we witnessed not counting the seeds that were planted that we never even realize.  God works in mighty ways.  He orders our steps and directs our paths.  He reveals Himself to us and gives us hope and encouragement.  It is an honor and blessing to be His vessel!  We stand in awe of You, Jesus.

Christ Comes: To Make a Way Through

Mark 1:1-18 shows how Christ comes to begin the good news of the gospel in our lives and provide a way through the wilderness. In his baptism we come to understand what God thinks of us, then we’re empowered to face our demons & wild opportunities.

[mp3player width=200 height=120 config=christcomes.xml file=]
Jamey Lee  –  Dec 3, 2011
Listen Later: Download mp3 (Right-click and select “Download linked file as” or “Save file as”)

Christ Comes: To End Suffering

The word, “advent” is the latin for “coming.” We are lighting Advent candles each week and reflecting on scriptures with churches around the world as we build up to the coming of Christ in Christmas. Tonight we focused on Mark 13:24-37 about Jesus talking about his return when he will make all things new and end suffering. The fig tree teaches that summer is near when we participate in the ending of suffering in the here and now.

[mp3player width=200 height=120 config=christcomes.xml file=]
Jamey Lee  –  Nov 26, 2011
Listen Later: Download mp3 (Right-click and select “Download linked file as” or “Save file as”)

T.O.U.C.H: Unconditional Acceptance

[mp3player config=touch.xml file=]Nov 5, 2011 – Jamey Lee T.O.U.C.H.
Unconditional Acceptance  –   Romans 14:1-4Romans 15:1-7
Our third value at Jacob’s Well is Unconditional Acceptance.  In a world where people judge and exclude, we seek to live the message, “Come as you are, but don’t stay that way.”  In Romans 14:1-4; 15:1-7 we reflect on what it means to accept others as Christ has accepted us.

Listen Later:  Download mp3
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