Choosing Rock Bottom

Website Banner CRB Pain is a big motivator for change but we have to decide when we’ve had enough discomfort to gain the courage to seek a solution. Hitting Bottom is a choice. We can get off the elevator at any floor we choose, or keep going down into destruction and death. The plagues in Ancient Egypt and in Revelation illustrate this downward journey and invite us into an amazing alternative. The good news of the gospel is that God’s love trumps human sin and through the tragedy and horror of the cross God made a way for us to be free from the insanity of slavery to sin and judgment.

9/6/2014Exodus 7:8- 8:19Choosing Rock Bottom: WarningsJamey Lee
9/13/2014Exodus 8:20 - 9:12Choosing Rock Bottom: Pain MotivationJamey Lee
9/20/2014Exodus 9:13 - 10:29Choosing Rock Bottom: DishearteningJamey Lee
9/27/2014Exodus 11:1-10; 12:29-42Choosing Rock Bottom: DeathJamey Lee

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