Christ Comes

Advent means, “Coming,” and the season before Christmas is not as much about presents as it is about the presence of Christ.  The bible doesn’t make a big separation between his 1st coming and 2nd coming.  In Jesus’ birth and life, he initiated the movement to end suffering & fear to bring freedom & joy.  In Jesus’ return, he will finish the work.  In the meantime, we are propelled by what he has done and look forward to what he is going to do.

The Advent readings tell the story of how in Christ’s coming there comes an end to suffering.  In the midst of the wilderness a path is prepared through repentance & belief.  This path is countercultural and doesn’t fall in the trap of consumerism and consumption but instead deals with life on life’s terms and seeks holiness and godliness.  The power of the Spirit is given generously to free all oppressed and depressed.

Nov 26, 2011Christ Comes to End SufferingMark 13:24-36Jamey Lee
Dec 3, 2011Christ Comes as a Way ThroughMark 1:1-8Jamey Lee
Dec 10, 2011Christ Comes as a Way OutIsaiah 61Jamey Lee
Dec 17, 2011Christ Comes to End FearLuke 1:26-38
Dec 24, 2011Christ Comes to Begin JoyLuke 2:1-14Jamey Lee
Dec 31, 2011Christ Comes to Make NewRevelation 21:1-6Jamey Lee

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