Compassion Party on the Road- Homeless Outreach

 Compassion Party on the Road (CPR) began as a risky and spontaneous adventure led by homeless members of Jacob’s Well and their friends who wanted to help our neighbors on the streets. Today, CPR has become full-fledged, organized chaos where people come from all over the city to join in with the compassion parties our faithful team members organize each Wednesday night to feed 80-100 people through three different routes.

Helping disabled man receive prosthetic leg

Jackson/Summer CPR:  To go out with our outreach teams in the Summer Ave. / Jackson Ave. area, arrive in the parking lot of Walgreen’s on the corner of Highland and Summer Ave. ready to depart by 6:00 p.m.

Why:  We do this as an act of reciprocation.  We have been shown mercy, so we offer mercy.  And we are blessed to be a blessing.

We would love for you to join in the excitement any Wednesday evening.  We’ve found that it is a great hands-on serving activity for kids as well.  Because of long-term relationships & credibility with our homeless neighbors, we have never had any incidents occur during CPR.  Email us at for more info.

Compassion Party on the Block- Neighborhood Outreach

Music and dancing
Lots of serving opportunities
Gospel music & message

To provide additional opportunities for people to serve the community, we started Compassion Party on the Block (CPB).  Each week, teams go out into local communities to meet neighbors and seek ways we can serve and pray. Then, periodically we throw a block party in the area we have been canvasing.

This is an opportunity to serve your city through building relationships and sharing the good news and hope in Christ. We need weekly volunteers to walk the neighborhood and the following teams to host monthly parties:  Cooking/Grilling, Kids/Activities, Setup/Cleanup, Logistics.  Please contact us at for more info and to serve.

Contact us to help throw our next block party by serving, providing food, etc.

Check out our first Uptown Block Party on 6/22/2013.

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