Exodus – Deliverance

There is a time for prayer and a time to walk by faith.  A time to stay on your knees, and a time to rise up and walk out the answer to those prayers.  Now is the time.  The story of the Red Sea isn’t just to tell us what happened to the Hebrews a long time ago.  It is here to teach us as well.  The people are facing an impossible obstacle yet they are commanded to “Move Forward.”  I challenge you to find one place in the entire bible where people are seeking God and walking in His will and are told to retreat.  With God, there is always a way forward.

[mp3player width=700 height=420 config=exodus.xml file=http://www.jacobswellmemphis.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/2014.10.18-Exodus-Red-Sea-Split.mp3]

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