Exodus: Stones, Midwives, & Justice

As the Israelites grew strong the Pharaoh was concerned about two things, rising up and making an escape.  These are what men are good at and it’s time for the males among us to stop escaping reality and start rising up against the injustice around us.  One thing the Pharaoh didn’t account for in his violent plans were the strength and resolve of women.  Our heroes practice civil disobedience as God makes nobodies into somebodies and overpowers the mightiest man on the planet.  Even the river as the intended means of death God uses as the means of salvation. [mp3player width=700 height=420 config=exodus.xml file=http://www.jacobswellmemphis.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/2014.06.28-Exodus-Be-a-Man-and-Fight-for-Justice.mp3]

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