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It’s not easy to admit that I’m in bondage to something, but admitting powerlessness is the 1st step to the solution. The 2nd book of the bible tells the story of the underdog nation of Hebrew slaves overcoming all odds to find freedom from the most powerful empire of that time, and it is also a story for us today. It’s a vision of our spiritual journey from our land of complacency and captivity into the Land God has for us on the other side of the Red Sea. The journey will not be without trial and tribulation, yet God shall provide manna and a cloud by day and fire by night. Freedom for God’s People!
6/21/2014Exodus 1:1-14 Intro Jamey Lee
6/28/2014Exodus 1:15-22Stones, Midwives, & JusticeJamey Lee
7/5/2014Exodus 2:1-10Moses' daddy issuesJamey Lee
7/12/2014Exodus 2:11-15aMoses' Anger IssuesJamey Lee
7/19/2014Exodus 2:15b-22Moses' ExodusJamey Lee
7/26/2014Exodus 2:23-3:12Moses' low self-worthJamey Lee
8/2/2014Exodus 3:13-4:17 Intro Jamey Lee
8/9/2014Exodus 4:18-31bridegroom of BloodJamey Lee
8/16/2014Exodus 5Short-term gainsJamey Lee
8/23/2014Exodus 6:1-13CovenantJamey Lee
8/30/2014Exodus 6:14 - 7:13ObstaclesJamey Lee
9/6/2014Exodus 7:8- 8:19Choosing Rock Bottom: WarningsJamey Lee
9/13/2014Exodus 8:20 - 9:12Choosing Rock Bottom: Pain MotivationJamey Lee
9/20/2014Exodus 9:13 - 10:29Choosing Rock Bottom: DishearteningJamey Lee
9/27/2014Exodus 11:1-10; 12:29-42Choosing Rock Bottom: DeathJamey Lee
10/4/2014Exodus 12:1-28, 43-51; 13:1-16PassoverJamey Lee
10/11/2014Exodus 13:17 - 14:14Desert DetourJamey Lee
10/18/2014Exodus 14:15-31Crossing the Red SeaJamey Lee
10/25/2014Exodus 15:1-21Worship and PraiseJamey Lee
11/1/2014Exodus 15:22-27BitterLeslie Ratliff
11/8/2014Exodus 16:1-36HungryJamey Lee
11/15/2014Exodus 17:1-7ThirstyJamey Lee
11/22/2014Exodus 17:8-16Battle WearyJamey Lee
11/29/2014Exodus 18:1-27OverworkedJamey Lee
April 4, 2015Exodus 2424 and Matthew 17Matthew 17:1-9Sneak PeekJamey Lee
April 26, 2014Selected Passages from EphesiansThe Gospel According to the Walking Dead: EasterJamey Lee
March 31, 2013Acts 10:34-43Easter Fuels MissionJamey Lee
1/3/2015Exodus 19:1-25Matthew 5:17-20God’s Love & the LawJamey Lee
1/10/2015Exodus 20:1-6My Worship is not for saleLeslie Ratliff
1/13/2015Exodus 20:7Name in VainJamey Lee
1/20/2015Exodus 20:8-11SabbathJamey Lee
1/27/2015Exodus 20:12Honor Mother & FatherJamey Lee
2/7/2015Exodus 20:13Matthew 5:21-26Anger & MurderJamey Lee
2/14/2015Exodus 20:14Matthew 5:27-30Lust & AdulteryJamey Lee
2/21/2015Exodus 20:15StealingJamey Lee
2/28/2015Exodus 20:16LyingLeslie Ratliff
3/7/2015Exodus 20:17CovetingJamey Lee
3/14/2015Exodus 20:18-21Fear and DistanceJamey Lee
3/21/2015Exodus 20:22 - 23:33Old Testament LawsJamey Lee
3/28/2015Exodus 25-31TabernacleJamey Lee
April 4, 2015Exodus 2424 and Matthew 17Matthew 17:1-9Sneak PeekJamey Lee
4/11/2015IntroExodus 32:1-6Jamey Lee
4/18/2015Alternate EndingsExodus 32:7-14Jamey Lee
4/25/2015Not taking the blameExodus 32:15-29Leslie Ratliff
5/2/2015Exodus 32:30 - 33:6Jamey Lee

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