Extreme Home Makeover

John 2:13-25
Jesus’ first trip to the Temple in the Gospel of John is one that no one will ever forget.  As He enters the courts He is filled with so much passion over the injustice that is taking place that He gives the Temple an extreme home makeover, knocking over furniture, animals, and people in the process.  In so doing, He is fighting for the rights of those discriminated against because of their race, and we should do the same.  Like Jesus, the zeal for our Father’s house should consume us.  But Jesus is also teaching that He is the fulfillment of the Temple.  The Jewish leaders are shocked that Jesus has disrupted their sacrificial system and miss that they are in the presence of the Lamb of God who has come to take away the sins of the world.  You and I would be remiss not to look inside and discover how we have missed this reality as well.  Are we as “consumed with zeal” to clear our own temples of the sin that lurks within?  Are we so busy at Jacob’s Well that we are going from event to event without experiencing the kind of heart transformation that Jesus desires?  It is only through trusting Jesus as our Redeemer that we can experience an extreme home makeover in our lives.

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