From the Well to Detox

A couple of weeks ago I (Jamey) noticed a guy in his early 20s with a woman I presumed to be his mother who I had not seen before.  I didn’t get a chance to talk with them, but wondered what God might be up to.  That Tuesday night I received a call from the kid asking me if I knew of where he could get detoxed from opiates.  He shared with me that he was ready to get clean and thought I might know of some resources.  I pointed him to Delta Medical Center and prayed with him.  The next day I talked with his mom and got more of the story.  Apparently she had met my wife Michelle in a bookstore a couple of years ago when Jacob’s Well was just getting off the ground.  She had thought of coming and really wanted her son to attend, but didn’t make the effort until this past weekend.  She decided that she would invite her son, but whether or not he agreed she would attend.  He surprised her with a yes and they worshipped together that Saturday Night at Jacob’s Well.  A couple of days later he decided to get clean.

Today he is working on his recovery in a rehab in California and God is receiving glory, honor, and praise.

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