God comes through

It had been one of those weeks where it was difficult to remember why we were doing this thing called “Jacob’s Well.”  Men that were being discipled and showed potential and promise on their road to recovery were relapsing back into addiction.  Leaders who had been so faithful in the past were stepping away to pursue other passions, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to round up the minimum number of people to carry on the weekly tasks of ministry.  One area that was particularly struggling was CPR, Compassion Party on the Road, which was beginning to feel more like OMG, Obligatory Ministry on the Go.  The guy who was scheduled to lead that Wednesday notified the pastor that he could not make it out on the streets, and our kitchen coordinator Sherri suffered a shoulder injury keeping her away so an email went out asking for help.  It was in this moment of surrender and reaching out that God came through in a glorious way.


TwonA couple from a partner church, Quito United Methodist showed up at about 5:30 expecting to do everything themselves, but were greeted with the smiles and helpfulness from Jacob’s Well youth from the neighborhood.  After cooking and cleaning the kitchen the teens loaded the meals (spagetti/salad/dessert) and bottled water to go out on the streets.  The following is the account from Mike and Connie on the rest of the evening:

“There were three lovely young ladies that met us in the parking lot and asked if they could go with us.  What a Blessing to have them along.  Last night the weather was just lovely, we took 40 meals, and 2 cases of water out with us.  We drove around downtown delivering meals until we ran out of food.  We saw many of the homeless that we have become friends with, and have not seen in awhile because of the weather.  We were able to spend time talking with our friends, praying with them and just catching up on how they have been.  The young ladies were just wonderful!  They stepped right up, they served the meals, they talked with our friends just like they had known them forever, and they prayed with each one.  Everything was done, not as quickly as we could do it, but we took our time, enjoyed listening, and praying with each and every one.  One of the girls was so touched by these new friends, she cried for them.  As we pulled back into the church to return the trays etc. we met Margaret, walking up in the parking lot.  It had been months since we had seen her.  It was good to spend some time with her.
The young ladies, gave Michael and I each a hug, and said “They Will Be Back”  and I believe they will.  God has some amazing things in store for each of us, long before we can even imagine how things are going to turn out.  Michael and I thought we would be on our own, which was fine, but God had much greater plans.  We have been praying for Sherri, and for Jacob’s Well.  I thank God for all my new friends in this ministry, and also on the street.”
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.  Isaiah 55:9  We thank God for coming through when all else fails.  Put your trust in Him!
Since this week back in February a faithful team with servant hearts have stepped up to lead each week.  If you’d like to join us in serving our neighbors on the streets, check out the details here and join us some Wednesday soon!

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