Gospel in the Wilderness

Gospel in the Wilderness webIn the midst of our bitterness and resentment the gospel brings joy and reconciliation. As we seek to quench our hunger and thirst with earthly things that will never satisfy, the gospel of Jesus fulfills our every need. We overwork and burn out in our pursuit of purpose while the gospel gives rest to the weary and a yoke easy and light.

11/1/2014Exodus 15:22-27BitterLeslie Ratliff
11/8/2014Exodus 16:1-36HungryJamey Lee
11/15/2014Exodus 17:1-7ThirstyJamey Lee
11/22/2014Exodus 17:8-16Battle WearyJamey Lee
11/29/2014Exodus 18:1-27OverworkedJamey Lee

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