I Pity the Fool who Boasts

The new guys in town are acting the fool by boasting and bragging about their accomplishments and Paul fights fire with fire, or foolishness with folly.  Since they’re acting the fool, Paul decides to play the fool.  Boasting about our wins when everyone sees our losses only confirms our foolishness. Bragging about our weakness when everyone only sees our strengths leads to humility and credibility.  When we exalt ourselves we shall be humbled, but when we humble ourselves we shall be exalted.  Down is the new up.

[mp3player width=700 height=420 config=pitythefool.xml file=http://www.jacobswellmemphis.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/2013.11.16-Fool-Boasts-and-Brags.mp3]

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