I Pity the Fool who Cons their Neighbor

Tonight we look at II Corinthians 11 and find that the word around town is that Paul is a fool and they just have to put up with his foolishness like you do your drunk uncle. If you know St. Paul you know he’s not going to take this lying down, so he answers the fool with their folly. These so-called “super-apostles” were all about the benjamins and were trying to con the Corinthians away from Christ. Paul teaches his people to be on guard and how to keep from being conned by scheisters such as these. If we’re not careful, we too can be fooled by sheep in wolves’ clothing, Satan disguised as an angel of light. Whether it be a fake posing as homeless or a thief posing as church members, we need to fight against this foolishness. The bottom line of this passage is two-fold 1) Stop acting the fool and 2) Stop playing the fool.

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