I Pity the Fool who is Overcome by Sin

Sin is a powerful and disruptive force that divides communities, destroys relationships, and can give you a headache, but God has a plan.  How do we overcome sin so that we do not become overcome by sin?  I think the answer has a little bit of Mr. Rogers and Mr. T.  We overcome sin with a combo of love and truth, mercy and justice.  Christ came in weakness yet lives in the power of God.  We must be gentle like Mr. Rogers with one another regarding our growth edges and lean into the mercy of God, but when the rubber hits the road and the ship hits the harbor we might need to be tough like Mr. T.  There are two options to deal with sin.  Examine yourselves or wait for 2-3 witnesses to confront your sin.  Look inside and take personal inventory and hold one another accountable.  Yet the goal is restoration, not condemnation.  In the end, lean on love, peace, grace, and holy kisses.

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