I wish I was Special

This series is based out of John 13 and 14 where Jesus teaches around the Last Supper about loving and serving others, and begins to truly reveal who he is.  All the while Peter blatantly tries to get attention by showing how he is special and better than everyone else.  In response, Jesus offers some amazing teaching on how to deal with unmet expectations, ego-centrism, materialism and the blessings of life on mission with him.

Jun 4, 2011I wish I was SpecialJohn 13:1-17Jamey Lee
Jun 11, 2011I wish people didn’t let me downJohn 13:18-38Jamey Lee
Jun18, 2011I wish the world revolved around meJohn 14:1-7Jamey Lee
Jun 25, 2011I wish I could have whatever I wantJohn 14:8-14Jamey Lee

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