Individuals in their 20’s find acceptance and a way to contribute at Jacob’s Well

Some new faces you might see around Jacob’s Well include Josh, Sarah, and Christian.While each have come from a different part of the country, all have found a home at Jacob’s Well.

Josh Spencer

Josh came from Kansas to engage in Downline Ministries’ Emerging Leaders program. While he experienced many great things and learned much from the program, the new city and new relationships took a toll on him. In a particularly painful season of his life, Josh discovered Jacob’s Well where he was met with unconditional acceptance and a community where he could serve and grow spiritually alongside others like him and completely unlike him. Josh serves as part of our Security Team and drives our van to bring individuals to worship. A few weeks ago Josh shared his story on a Saturday night and professed his faith through remembering his baptism.


Meanwhile, MTR (Memphis Teacher Residency) moved Sarah here from Ohio to follow her calling to teach in the inner city. A friend invited her to Jacob’s Well where she quickly got involved on Saturday nights and later began to go out on the streets to serve homeless neighbors on CPR. Sarah recently was hired onto the staff of New Hope Christian Academy in Raleigh, a phenomenal Christian Urban school advancing the Kingdom in inner city Memphis.

Christian had recently graduated college and was living in Long Beach, CA when in prayer his thoughts were set on Memphis, TN. He began to pray for Memphis though he knew only that Christian TurnerElvis lived here and that we had pretty good barbecue. Before long he could think of nothing else and so packed a bag and moved to the Bluff City with only plans to prayer walk for 40 days. Through this intentional prayer Christian was led to Binghampton and then to Jacob’s Well where he has quickly become part of the community and is now leading a prayer team who is seeing God move in a powerful way.

Praise God that He is at work bringing His people together from all around the nation for such a time as this. If you haven’t been to the Well lately, stop by some Wednesday or Saturday night soon and meet some of Jesus’ people who make up our church community.

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  1. Hello pastor Jamie ( hopefully spelled right) I’m BAACKKK Just thought I’d let you know. I cried my eyes out during pastor Leslie’s sermon when I realized that I am back home don’t plan on leaving again for a while so you are stuck with me hopefully your o.k.with that looking forward to seeing you Wednesday night signed st.Duane

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