Jacob: Moving On

Jacob has been raising his family and working hard for like 20 years and basically has nothing to show for it.  This time its not because of bad choices on his part, but because of the greed and selfishness of his father-in-law Laban.  And here we find Jacob in a spot where he realizes that it’s time to move on.  But he didn’t just walk out in anger or make an emotional decision in the moment.  Jacob had a plan, that was banking on God’s favor and provision.  Jacob created a win-win scenario for Laban where he could keep all the pure-bred, homogenous livestock, and Jacob would take the mutts, the ones that nobody else wants.  And yet in the next breeding seasons Jacob discovered the power in the recessive gene.  He didn’t understand the science behind it, but he trusted the God behind the science.  And over the next season, Jacob prospered and prepared for his next steps.

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