Jacob: Searching for God knows What

Jacob was the son seeking approval from his father, grasping at the heels of his brother, letting love blind him and revenge drive him. Jacob is know for his ladder and his well and was forever changed in a cage-fight with God.

Apr 6, 2013Searching for God knows whatGenesis 25:19-28Jamey Lee
Apr 13, 2013Comfort & PowerGenesis 25: 29-34Jamey Lee
Apr 20, 2013Blessing JacobGenesis 27:1-29Jamey Lee
Apr 27, 2013Ripped OffGenesis 27:30-46Jamey Lee
May 4, 2013People PleasingGenesis 27:42-28:9Jamey Lee
May 11, 2013Jacob's LadderGenesis 28:10-22 Jamey Lee
May 18, 2013Working for RachelGenesis 29 Jamey Lee
May 25, 2013What’s love got to do with itGenesis 30:1-24 Leslie Ratliff
Jun 1, 2013Moving OnGenesis 30:25-43 Jamey Lee
Jun 8, 2013Taking InventoryGenesis 31:1-32:2 Jamey Lee
Jun 15, 2013Brotherly Fear & Making AmendsGenesis 32:3-21 Jamey Lee
Jun 22, 2013Fighting for IdentityGenesis 32:22-32 Jamey Lee
Jun 29, 2013ReconciliationGenesis 33 Jamey Lee
Jul 6, 2013Break the CycleGenesis 34 Jamey Lee
Jul 13, 2013Make a ChangeGenesis 35 Jamey Lee


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