Jacob: Taking Inventory

Jacob leaves his father-in-law’s land and begins the long journey home.  But this time is is not trying to escape and driven by fear or insecurity.  This time he is being led by God’s word.  But before he leaves, he has to convince his wives, and too often, marriage relationships get enmeshed with parental relationships to form a triangle.  Thankfully they follow their man and their God and depart together.  But Laban finds out what is going on and catches up to confront Jacob.  Through a self-centered and delusional lens, Laban speaks about being a victim and justifies himself strongly.  Jacob, on the other hand honestly admits his fear and seeks reconciliation.  Obviously he has done a searching and fearless moral inventory, but Laban wants to do an inventory of his own on Jacob’s camp, looking for his missing idol.  When we are honest and thorough as we search throughout our relationships, leaving no rock unturned, we might find an idol or two as well.  The story ends with covenant and peace.

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