Choosing Life over Death

10411863_10153057562167442_1964199853704619084_nLast time I remember seeing Robert was out on CPR (Compassion Party on the Road) on a night when the temperatures were below freezing.  Robert was tucked away for the night, but our CPR team knew where to find him.  Behind the Texaco near Summer and Highland, an old sofa was turned upside-down.  We picked it up and underneath we found Robert without even a blanket.  We talked with him and prayed, knowing that God heard our prayers but that Robert wouldn’t be able to make a lucid decision until the morning when he sobered up.  As an answer to many of these prayers, one of our CPR team persistently reminded Robert of God’s love for him and the safe and warm place at the Warrior Center.  Finally when Robert was ready he was taken to detox and began the spiritual recovery program at warriors.  Today he has been sober for about a month and studying his bible every day. “Celebrating and thanking God that He still saves!  Robert has gone from this 10891739_10153057560967442_4143623180744525823_nstreet corner, where we would visit him for years to living a sober life off the streets. I love driving by this particular corner and knowing two men who were dying there are now alive and sober!!  Only possible by Gods amazing grace!”

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