Providing a ride to worship

Providing Transportation at Jacob’s Well is at the heart of our vision for Reconciliation.  Thanks to several devoted individuals tirelessly driving our people from their homes (or homelessness) to worship and ministry partners like BDC, SV Church of Christ, Living Hope, and Christ Church who generously loan us their vehicles, about 4o people are empowered to worship God each Saturday night who otherwise would have been unable.  Nita Black, a member of Jacob’s Well Operational Team, shares her experience:

Nita Black“For me, serving through the JWell Transportation Ministry is a way for me to get to know people. It is a reality check for me, when I pull up in front of someone’s home with no utilities and an empty refrigerator. When I check voice mails of people calling in for a ride and then when I check back with them to confirm their address, etc., often we get into a conversation about what is going on in their lives and in mine. The friendships made are real. And I would say that a lot of folks call in to get a ride but really just want someone to talk to, or somewhere to go, or something positive to do. The Transportation Ministry is a way for me to re-balance every week and to renew my awareness that God’s grace extends to all of us, all the time.”

We need your help.  

Each week we need drivers and co-pilots to drive either our van, your organization’s van, or a large personal vehicle to transport people to and from the worship service at Jacob’s Well.  Training and Resources provided.  Driver’s License & insurance required.  Email us or comment below for details.  Start by trying it out once and perhaps move to serving once a month for six months if a good fit.

It would also help us to sustain and perhaps expand our routes across the city to pick up more people if we owned another 14-passenger van.  We are aware of one in good condition available to us but we would need to raise about $10K to cover the cost of the van and insurance.  Please click here to find out more about donating to Jacob’s Well safely and securely online. 

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