After the global economic crisis that began in mid-2008, there followed a tragic string of layoffs, bankruptcies, and individuals driven to homelessness or rehab.

If we’re honest, the statistics don’t even begin to spell out the problems — it’s worse than we think. With the economy still in shambles, every person in Memphis seeks security, comfort, and control by chasing after counterfeit gods like a successful career, more education, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or even by using religion. Yet after these pursuits have left us empty, we are hungry for more. In these hard times, Memphis needs some good news.


In the course of their conversation, the depth of the Samaritan woman’s sin does not keep her from Jesus. And He shares with her living water that will forever quench her thirst for acceptance and love. Living Water is the good news of the gospel — that we are worse than we think we are, yet the riches in Christ are far greater and can bring about more significant changes than we realize. At Jacob’s Well, we believe that rehab isn’t just for addicts. Through acknowledging that we are powerless and coming to believe that Christ can restore us, we can become whole.

The twelve steps illustrate how the power of the gospel relates to life in a way that can make sense to all people aware of our brokenness. Those who have not been through a program of recovery has found great help from the framework that has led millions to freedom and serenity. On the other hand, thousands of Memphians in recovery have been burned by religion yet are familiar with the steps and have already experienced a measure of God’s power to bring life from death. And like the Samaritan woman, when people drink from this water and share their experience, strength, and hope; others will come to the well and discover the riches of Christ for themselves.






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