Rescue Me

If we’re honest, many of us and our neighbors are struggling to keep our heads above water. Jesus is alive and leading a rescue mission to grant us the serenity, courage, and wisdom to make it one day at a time and do so with love and dignity. Join us at the Well on Saturday nights for a refreshing dose of living water.

Sep 17, 2011Rescue me from Despair: Running Down HopeJohn 20:1-18Jamey Lee
Sep 24, 2011Rescue me from Drought: Breath of Fresh AirJohn 20:19-23Jamey Lee
Oct 1, 2011Rescue me from Doubt: Doubting Thomas AnonymousJohn 20:24-30Jamey Lee
Oct 8, 2011Rescue me from my Day Job: Other side of the boatJohn 21:1-14Jamey Lee
Oct 15, 2011Rescue me from Denial: Peter goes to RehabJohn 21:15-25Jamey Lee


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