Jacob’s Well

The story of the Samaritan woman and Jesus is at the heart of the vision of Jacob’s Well.  After pointing out that she had been pursuing happiness through relationship after relationship, Jesus offers the woman something that will truly satisfy her deep thirst–Living Water.  At Jacob’s Well, we believe this good news is for everybody, that our situation is worse than we think yet God’s plan is far great than we realize.  We call this step by step process of immersing ourselves in this good news Rehabilitation.  And we believe that rehab is not just for addicts.  Our response to the gospel is worship and reciprocation.

Dec 4, 2010ReconciliationJohn 4:1-18Jamey Lee
Dec 11, 2010Worship in Spirit & TruthJohn 4:19-24Jamey Lee
Dec 18, 2010ReciprocationJohn 4:25-42Jamey Lee
Aug 25, 2010ReconciliationJohn 4:20-26Jamey Lee
Sep 11, 2010RehabilitationMark 7:14-23Jamey Lee
Sep 25, 2010ReciprocationMatthew 9:36-38Jamey Lee


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