Rules for the Rebellion

Rules for the RebellionWe all live by a set of rules. When we rebel against one rule, we resort to following another. What if we rebelled against the rules of individualism and self-centeredness by submitting to community and commandments from a God who loves us more than we love ourselves?

1/3/2015Exodus 19:1-25Matthew 5:17-20God’s Love & the LawJamey Lee
1/10/2015Exodus 20:1-6My Worship is not for saleLeslie Ratliff
1/13/2015Exodus 20:7Name in VainJamey Lee
1/20/2015Exodus 20:8-11SabbathJamey Lee
1/27/2015Exodus 20:12Honor Mother & FatherJamey Lee
2/7/2015Exodus 20:13Matthew 5:21-26Anger & MurderJamey Lee
2/14/2015Exodus 20:14Matthew 5:27-30Lust & AdulteryJamey Lee
2/21/2015Exodus 20:15StealingJamey Lee
2/28/2015Exodus 20:16LyingLeslie Ratliff
3/7/2015Exodus 20:17CovetingJamey Lee
3/14/2015Exodus 20:18-21Fear and DistanceJamey Lee
3/21/2015Exodus 20:22 - 23:33Old Testament LawsJamey Lee
3/28/2015Exodus 25-31TabernacleJamey Lee
April 4, 2015Exodus 2424 and Matthew 17Matthew 17:1-9Sneak PeekJamey Lee

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