Step by Step God Story

This past week we started Step by Step, where we bring together the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the framework of the 12 steps.  Lots of newcomers showed up but one is especially memorable.  She had gotten sober several years earlier through the help of recovery groups, but when she found Jesus and began going to church, got away from 12 step work.  A couple of weeks ago she went with a friend back to a meeting, but didn’t feel free to talk about her higher power Jesus.  She had never heard of Jacob’s Well or Step by Step, but this Saturday she saw all the cars in the parking lot and decided to go in and see what was going on.  As she heard the message on the steps and attended the meeting after worship, she was amazed at God’s provision for her exact need.  She had found a safe place to talk about recovery and Jesus and was able to offer her experience, strength, and hope to others.  Join her and experience God at Step by Step each Saturday Night.

4:30 – Women’s Bible/Step meeting
6:00 – Worship
7:30 – Bible/Step Meeting

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