Stickies: Recovery Cliches in Job




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Cliches are simple and sticky. They can be annoying and life-saving. In the rooms of recovery, cliches are posted on the wall and etched into the memories of all seeking a new way of life. These sticky sayings have emerged from ancient wisdom and each can be found in the biblical story of Job. At Jacob’s Well we believe that rehabilitation isn’t just for addicts.



10/31/2015Job 1:1-3; 13-22Life on Life’s TermsJamey Lee
11/7/2015 Job 3-31 
4:3-9, 17-21 6:1-4, 24-30
Stinking ThinkingJonathan Bratt-Carle
11/14/2015Job 32-37Progress not Perfection Jamey Lee
11/21/2015Job 38-42:6Let go and let GodJamey Lee
11/28/2015Job 42:7-17This too shall passJamey Lee


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