Jacob’s Well engaged in Berclair, Nutbush, Highland & Mitchell Heights

From the beginning of Jacob’s Well in 2010, God has connected us with neighbors in this part of town and recently some of us have sensed a call to invest deeper in this area.  Confirmation of this call has come from 100+ teens from the U Student Ministry in San Antonio who are planning to come to Memphis June 20-28th to engage in an exciting week of ministry with us in this area.  Please watch this video for more:  http://youtu.be/oLhFSAI88J0
In preparation, 8 individuals connected with Jacob’s Well and other area churches have become a team and have been meeting 8 hours a month as we designed a covenant, studied scripture, prayed with one another, learned the vision, values, and vision of Jacob’s Well, and are developing a Ministry Action Plan on what is to be done and how we’re going to do it.  This has all been through utilizing the SLI process and working with Aaron Buttery through video chat.
Our mission is to develop longterm ongoing discipleship relationships with children, youth, and adults in the neighborhoods of Nutbush, the Heights, and Berclair.  This will be catalyzed by the influx of 100+ teenagers from The U Student Ministry in San Antonio the week of June 21-26.  In collaborations with local neighbors and organizations we are seeking to host sports and art camps during the day and block parties in the evenings at Highland and Jackson Parks.  We will also be engaging in construction projects such as putting on a new roof, erecting a fence, and boarding up abandoned homes.  These work projects will provide much needed jobs for homeless neighbors we have come to know through CPR.
Isn’t this exciting?  Would you like to be part of what God is doing?  Contact us if you would like to be part of our email list of serving opportunities.  Donate here if your generosity can help to provide for some of the needs, and above all pray that God will lead us and guide us as we seek to build His Kingdom in Memphis as it is in heaven.

All will culminate during the week of June 20-28th when we engage with a flurry of activities in the above areas of town, all connected with our mission and vision and part of an ongoing strategy that reaches into the years to come.

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