Jacob’s Well is not for everyone, but many have connected deeply with the vision of Reconciliation, Rehabilitation, and Reciprocation.  As we have grown over the past year, as a body we have come to highly value Transparency, Other-focus, Unconditional Acceptance, Community Development, and Hope.  This series lays out who we are what is important to us.

Oct 22, 2011Transparency2 Corinthians 4:1-12Jamey Lee
Oct 29, 2011Others-focusedPhilippians 2:1-11Jamey Lee
Nov 5, 2011Unconditional AcceptanceRomans 14:1-4; Romans 15:1-7Jamey Lee
Nov 12, 2011Community DevelopmentIsaiah 58:3-12Jamey Lee
Nov 19, 2011HopeRomans 5:1-6 and 15:3-5Leslie Ratliff


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