Tattooed on the Heart

Sometimes a word that we hear or read takes root in our heart and changes the trajectory of our life. When this happens, the word is tattooed on our hearts forever. Jeremiah 31:33 describes it as God “writing his law on our heart.” On Saturday nights in November and December, men and women will be sharing stories of different words of scripture were tattooed on their hearts and we will be encouraged and challenged by these words.

Nov 3, 2012Tattooed on the HeartJeremiah 31: 31-34Jamey Lee
Nov 10, 2012Transformed vs ConformedRomans 12:1-3Jamey Lee
Nov 17, 2012Even ThoughHabakkuk 3:1-2, Hab 3:17-19Jamey Lee
Nov 24, 2012Unto the Least of TheseMatthew 25:31-46Jamey Lee


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