Unmanageability of Moses

Moses grew up without a dad and had anger issues which led to murder, running from the law, and escaping from reality by starting over in a new place. Then he was called on to do something great and his negative self-worth took over. Excuses, rationalizations, and fear stood in the way of a great Redemption and Exodus. Only through a Power greater than Moses can this wounded and broken man become one of the most prolific figures in the history of the world.

7/5/2014Exodus 2:1-10Moses' daddy issuesJamey Lee
7/12/2014Exodus 2:11-15aMoses' Anger IssuesJamey Lee
7/19/2014Exodus 2:15b-22Moses' ExodusJamey Lee
7/26/2014Exodus 2:23-3:12Moses' low self-worthJamey Lee

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