Urban Farming: Church Planting in Acts

The story of an exciting movement that literally turned the world upside-down is shared in the book of Acts.  Seeds of the gospel were scattered and in one generation thousands of faith communities were planted in urban centers throughout Israel and Asia Minor.  Today our land is in serious drought and ripe for a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit and urban farms to harvest the crop.

Jun 2, 2012Plowing the FieldActs 1:8Jamey Lee
Jun 9, 2012Scattered SeedsActs 1:8Jamey Lee
Jun 16, 2012Watering the CropActs 2-12Jamey Lee
Jun 23, 2012Rapid GrowthActs 13-18Jamey Lee
Jun 30, 2012Reaping HarvestActs 19:23-41Jamey Lee


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