Our values form the acronym T.O.U.C.H.E.D. and here they are.  The T stands for Transparency which is a way of talking about being real and authentic, dropping the masks that we wear and just being ourselves.  We value that here at Jacob’s Well.  Being yourself is truly the best person for you to be!  Next is O, which is for Others-focused.  Living in our consumeristic society where everything is about me, me, me, it is refreshing for many to find a place where it’s not all about you.  We believe in serving others and loving others and doing unto others.  U is for Unconditional Acceptance.  A lot of people talk about unconditional love, but it takes it to a new level when you unconditionally accept one another for who they are.  So the T is coming as you are while the U is loving others where they are.  On Saturday nights we like to say, “We love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”  C stands for Community, and I wonder if it might also stand for city.  We’re not just about our church, but about the city and about the community that we find ourselves in.  H is one of my favorites because it stands for Hope.  My hope is that whenever you come into contact with Jacob’s Well, that you leave with more hope than you came in with.  The E stands for Empowerment and represents the way we want to help one another get better, and move to where God wants us to be.  Finally D is for Diversity.  Homogeneity is boring.  Lots of different colors add life.  One day we’re all going to be around God’s throne worshipping together, so we might as well start now.

For more on our Values listen here or to learn about our flow of discipleship click below:

Our Discipleship System

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