Reconciliation: Bringing people together for worship across racial & economic lines

   Rehabilitation: Gospel-centered discipleship through the 12 steps

  Reciprocation: Serve the community out of the overflow of God’s love in us

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Memphis is a city divided.  We are haunted by the assassination of Dr. King, followed by white flight and privatization of schools.  The gap between enfranchised and disenfranchised, between black and white is at the root of many of our city’s most significant problems.

The story of the Samaritan woman at the well in John, Chapter 4, brings hope for our city.  In first century Israel, Jews and Samaritans lived with these divisions as well.  Yet in this revolutionary conversation at Jacob’s Well, Jesus bridges the divide even deeper than race with three points: we don’t have it as together as we let on (v 18), the gospel meets our deepest needs (v 14) and a life of worship is our response (v 24).




water    In the course of their conversation, the depth of the Samaritan woman’s sin does not keep her from Jesus.  And He shares with her living water that will forever quench her thirst for acceptance and love.  Living Water is the good news of the  gospelthat we are worse than we think we are,    yet the riches in Christ are far greater and can bring about more significant changes than we realizephysically,  emotionally, and spiritually.

   At Jacob’s Well, we believe that rehab isn’t just for addicts. Through acknowledging that we are powerless and coming to believe that Christ can restore us, we can become whole.

ReciprocationPerhaps even more pronounced than the black & white issue in Memphis is the green issue. Our deep divisions have led to greater poverty, lower education, employment & income levels, and higher crime rates. 



The Samaritan woman could not keep the Living Water to herself and neither can we.  As we have received mercy, we offer mercy. Much more than handouts are needed to bring healing to our broken city.  As God stepped down to earth and became flesh, we must enter into the poverty of our neighbors and offer ourselves.


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