Walking the streets of Memphis

Not long ago, Rick was running the streets of what used to be known as Hurt Village and Smoky City, searching for dope.  But, tonight Rick is rolling with his new friends in the Uptown area of Memphis on behalf of Jacob’s Well.   Rick is clean and sober and now serving as an integral part of our Compassion Party on the Block (C.P.B.) team who meets eachWednesday night at 6:00.  As we fellowship and disciple one another we pass out fliers for an upcoming block party while getting to know our neighbors.

On a recent C.P.B. outing, Rick and J.Well disciple-maker, Mark, knocked on the door of an Uptown neighbor.  Rick did not recognize her, but she remembered growing up with him.  She shared how she’d heard of his trouble with addiction and let him know that she had been praying for him over the past few years.  In turn, Rick shared his newfound faith in Christ and the community of acceptance he’d found at Jacob’s Well.  What a reminder of God’s work despite our rebellion and the powerful effect of the prayers of God’s people.

The Lord guides our steps when we walk in guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Rick worked at defying that companionship for years.  But, when he finally began having hope in his future, he found his faith, and began to walk dutifully spreading God’s truth.  The irony of it all is that during one of those literal walks, the door of a long forgotten childhood acquaintance was opened, and there he found a woman of faith who had been praying for him while he was in his dark, faithless meandering.  Just goes to show, you never know how or when God’s blessings will be revealed.  Maybe our C.P.B. walks are just the blessing you’ve been looking for!

Compassion Party on the Block (C.P.B.) is unique in many ways.  This multi-faceted ministry involves community outreach, prayer evangelism and, perhaps the most important, relationship building. We see Missional Believers walk with faith newcomers as we share our experiences.  We forge bonds by relating the hope that is gained from not leading, but following.  Discipleship is learning about God through the scriptures and growing in faith by sharing your life experiences with one another.  We hope you’ll pray on becoming involved in this ministry, no matter what stage you are in your faith.  If God is leading you to serve, we hope you’ll consider C.P.B.

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