What do you want?

John 1:35-51
All of us are searching for something.  Kids to adults, Atheists, Buddhists, and Christians all are looking for something.  Some are actively seeking to find out who God is or to know God more, while others are on a search to find ourselves.  Jesus is aware of this search and is all about going on journeys.  The first words out of His mouth in the gospel of John gets at this, “What do you want?”  The disciples (nor us) could really put a finger on what it is that they are searching for.  Yet Jesus intrigued them enough to spend some time around Him, and there they discovered what they had been searching for all of their lives.  In the midst of this spiritual journey, Jesus gives Simon a new name.  Simon was in no way a “Rock,” but Jesus named him this and formed him into the head of the church.  When you and I find our identity in Jesus, we find that we have everything that we need.  The key to coming to this realization is to understand that Jesus has been on a search and rescue mission for us before we began the journey to find Him.  Like Philip and Nathaniel, we long to be loved and accepted, and when we find that and so much more in Jesus, we worship Him for who He truly is. The story begins with “What are you looking for?” and ends with “I’ve been waiting for you.”

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