When Helping Hurts, Codependency: Enabling Jeroboam

Helping hurts when it enables someone to continue in their dysfunction. Helping helps when it gives someone the boost they need to move forward into freedom and serenity. King Jeroboam made deceit a regular practice during his reign over Israel. As his son was lying on his deathbed, Jeroboam asked his codependent wife to deceive the prophet Abijah by disguising herself. The result of their sin was the destruction of their family. We often cause our spouse to participate in our dependency by consciously or unconsciously asking for his or her help in some way. Jeroboam’s wife should have confronted Jeroboam about his sinful ways. Instead, she enabled his sin, and the results were destructive. A spouse’s confrontation, though difficult, can often initiate a person’s recovery and deliver a family from great suffering.

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