When Helping Hurts, Codependency: People-pleasing Sampson

If Samson hadn’t been so dependent upon Delilah, he wouldn’t have lost his strength, his status, or his sight. His codependence led to disobedience when he cared about what Delilah thought about him more than what God thought about him. Like Sampson, we too can have an unhealthy dependence upon people. It might be that our feelings for someone leads us to think we can’t exist without them, even when they are abusing or manipulating us. Or on the other end, I might feel like the other person can’t live without me. I am the savior and need to be needed. Let us learn from the dysfunction of Samson and Delilah so not to repeat their mistakes. Instead we shall turn to the Lord for our acceptance and depend wholeheartedly upon Him. Then we are free to love others as we have been loved.

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