When Helping Hurts: Fighting Poverty without hurting the Poor

Helping someone in trouble is generally a good thing to do, but how we help can actually do more harm than good in helping someone get back on their feet.    When we communicate they are helpless without us, fail to empower them to connect to resources to grow towards sustainable living, or expect them to get by without work, housing, and good health, we hurt more than help.  During February we will explore various stories in the Old Testament, seeking to glean truth for our lives and our neighbors in the process.

Feb 4, 2012Fighting Poverty without Hurting the PoorMicah 6:8Jamey Lee
Feb 11, 2012Elijah’s Reciprocation & Resources1 Kings 17:8-241 Kings 17:8-24 Jamey Lee
Feb 18, 2012When Helping Hurts, Poverty: Tough Love & Extravagant MercyHosea 1:2-6 Jamey Lee
Feb 25, 2012Nehemiah’s Job-making programSelections from Nehemiah Jamey Lee


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